NLP Introductory Seminar Trinergy International

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our Interview with Dr Roman, CEO of Trinergy International, located in Vienna, Austria.

Whats your business, and who you are your customers?
I am an author, trainer, and coach. My clients come from all professional backrounds, including top executives, top politicians, and word champions.

Tell us about yourself
I have been interested in communication, philosophy. and psychology since I was young. During my studies in philosophy, education, psychology, sports, and linguistics, I was already leading TCI groups (theme-centered interaction) at the University of Vienna. After my studies, I gained professional experience as an independent entrepreneur. In the mid-90s, I completed the NLP Master Trainer training with NLP founder Richard Bandler, making me the first certified NLP Master Trainer in Austria.

Three years of intensive collaboration with Richard Bandler followed, as well as joint seminars with NLP greats, such as Robert Dilts, John Grinder, Robert McDonald, Ed Reese, Tad James, Wyatt Woodsmall, Joseph O’Connor, and lan McDermott. In 1993 I founded the seminar institute „Trinergy International,“ which after a short time became the largest institute in Austria and subsequently in Europe. My biggest motivation is still my love for communication, philosophy, and psychology.

What’s your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?
These three factors have contributed to my success.

1. I have been consistentiv committed to the idea: „Hire for attitude, train for skills.“ Employee selection is a key factor in a business, and motivated employees can quickly learn the skills they need.

2. Dedicated interns who help our core team on a factory stipend are another factor in our success.

3. Through a regular, standardized performance review, I get feedback from my employees and can provide feedback and set common goals and goal achievement criteria.

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